Not only that, Milan in the introduction of striker players also have big moves,  equipacion holanda 2018, although Real Madrid striker Mora and Milan linked together, camiseta seleccion holanda but the Red Army high-level will not be hanged in a tree, so Milan will be tomorrow and Turin's chairman To meet, and the two sides will discuss Beloti's joining matters.

Bellotti in the past this season to play high light,  camiseta holanda 2018,  scored 26 goals in the league, he also became Serie A popular shooter, in the past period of time, Bellotti repeatedly with the wealthy team scandal. And President Turin has repeatedly said that Belotte's contract breach of contract for 100 million euros, any team wants to get Belototti have to come up with the funds.

 camiseta holanda azul, However, Belotte's buy-off clause only applies to the Italian foreign team, so if Milan buy Beloty do not have to pay so much money. Although it is difficult to put Turin, but the Milan club also want to try.